Than smokingSmokeless tobacco products phosphodiesterase inhibitor.

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Than smokingSmokeless tobacco products phosphodiesterase inhibitor.

By P. Than smokingSmokeless tobacco products, such as are used in Europe and North America do not seem to increase the risk of cancer. A large meta-analysis in the open access journal BMC Medicine has been published, has shown that snuff used in Scandinavia has no discernible effect on the risk of various cancers phosphodiesterase inhibitor . Products used in the past in the U.S., may increase the risk, but an effect that exists now probably quite small.

In 2005 in U.S. Men aged 35 or more, there were a total of 142,205 deaths of seven cancers than are caused by smoking. If these people had never smoked, Lee and Hamling estimated that the numbers would have reduced by 104,737, with the reduction in deaths from lung cancer, the major contributors. If smokeless tobacco was introduced to a similar population of never smokers, this meta-analysis shows that any increase in risk would be negligible compared to the lives saved by cigarette use. Lee said: ‘Our research shows very clearly in contrast to smoking, smokeless tobacco use carries little or no risk of cancer worry about possible effects of smokeless tobacco on oral cancer through our analyzes show a lack of will be answered. Relationship on the combined evidence from these 14 studies published since 1990 , which enable adequate control effects of smoking is based.

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