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SourceAmerican Society of Health – System Pharmacists Dr . Hepler will receive the award on 8 June during ASHP Summer Meeting in Tampa,chemotherapy announces agreement for Phase II study of pixantrone in metastatic breast cancerCell Therapeutics announced an agreement with the North Central Cancer Treatment Group to. A phase II study of pixantrone in patients with HER2 – negative metastatic breast cancer, tumor progression have by lead to at least two, but no more than three prior chemotherapy regimens The study will be conducted through the NCCTG, a national network of cancer specialists at community clinics, hospitals and medical centers in the United States and Canada. The research base for NCCTG is located at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. We are very pleased that the NCCTG has pixantrone for this study selected patients with HER2-negative breast cancer after primary after primary chemotherapy, relapse a need for effective and well tolerated new agents Though very active, use of drugs in the anthracycline class is decreased as salvage agents, mainly due to concerns about cardiac toxicity, said Jack Singer, Chief Medical Officer of the company. Based on its safety and efficacy in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, pixantrone has the potential of a drug in breast cancer this setting be safely used in this setting. Looking forward to the NCCTG initiation this trial. . Source: Cell Therapeutics.

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