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Today’s actions follow a first-of-its-kind FDA survey in which 17 17 food supplements on the internet to treat ED and sexual performance analyzes increase in men. Our survey found that many of the so-called dietary supplement as a treatment for erectile dysfunction actually contain non-dietary chemicals used marketed including as active ingredients in FDA-approved medications . FDA committed to the protection of public health by removing such illegal and dangerous products from the market, said Margaret O’K. FDA Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs.

Chemical analysis by FDA revealed that Zimaxx sildenafil the of pharmaceutical active ingredient in Viagra, a prescription drug in U.S. Approved to treat ED contains. ‘s other products contain chemical ingredients that are analogues of either sildenafil or a pharmaceutical ingredient called vardenafil are. Vardenafil is the active ingredient in Levitra, a prescription drug that is like Viagra, approved in the United States to treat ED. Of of these ingredients in any of the illegal products ‘ labeling.

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