More than half of of the children had EPTS treatment.

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More than half of of the children had EPTS treatment.

More than half of of the children had EPTS. Moderate to severe under two years and those accidental trauma were especially susceptible to the early seizures treatment . However EPTS the the short-term outcome measures of ICU / hospital length of stay and duration of intubation. There was a high rate of status epilepticus, prolonged and potentially damaging attacks, which experienced in this study, 44.4 percent of the children -. The incidence of epileptic discharges was five times higher in children than in adults. – The high rate of subclinical seizures have been been without CEEG monitoring missed, especially in younger children and those with non – accidental trauma, was very impressive, says lead author Daniel Arndt, MD This study shows the benefits the CEEG monitoring acutely after pediatric moderate-severe TBI. Further studies are indicated to verify these findings, if EPTS influence long-term results, and if the treatment or prevention of EPTS or subclinical seizures to better results.

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